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Pre Workout For Women: Do We Really Need It?

There seems to be a supplement for everything these days. A pre-workout supplement, a post-workout supplement, a fat burner, supplements for heart health, for digestive health… It’s overwhelming! We want to be healthy and feel good, but which of the millions of supplements out there do we really need?

Pre-workout drinks are nothing new. Men have been taking them regularly for many years. (I’m sure we’ve all seen the guys walking around with their neon pink or orange water jugs, right?) It is more recently that women have been taking interest in these workout enhancers as well. But do we really need them? And are they even safe? Continue Reading


5 Free Outdoor Workouts

As summer is starting to wind down, why not take advantage of this beautiful weather and move your workouts outdoors? It’s totally free and you don’t need a fancy gym membership or tons of equipment to complete any of these. Here’s 5 of my favorite killer outdoor workouts.

**Be sure to properly stretch and warm up prior to any workout! Continue Reading


Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller Review

Mobility is a key component of health and fitness and foam rolling is a great way to increase mobility, while also improving recovery time and soothing those sore, achey muscles. For years, I had settled with the basic foam rollers at my gym. Then, one glorious day, someone gave me the Trigger Point GRID foam roller. Wow, what a difference! Here is my honest review of the pros and cons of the GRID foam roller.  Continue Reading


Everything You Need To Know About Being Sore

The more sore you feel, the better your workout was, right? Actually, no! Being sore is not necessarily a sign of a good workout or required to see results at the gym. There’s a lot more to it. Here is everything you need to know about being sore.

1. Soreness is a normal response to exercise.

The technical term for that tender, sore feeling you get after a tough workout is delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. During exercise, you are working skeletal muscle, which will swell a bit and feel sore to the touch post-workout. This is all a totally normal process. Continue Reading


Lose Weight While You Sleep

Who would have thought?! If you want to shed those stubborn pounds, you just need to put your favorite pair of PJs on and dive into bed. We are a nation consumed with fueling up on caffeine and putting in those extra hours at the office and getting our kids from soccer practice to karate class and making dinner somewhere in between that. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish what we need to and our sleep suffers as a result. We pack healthy lunches, skip the wine at dinner (sometimes…) and reluctantly trudge to the gym after or before work for our daily bootcamp or spin class. So why aren’t the pounds flying off?? Continue Reading


Are You Making These Critical Foam Rolling Mistakes?

Just a few years ago, foam rollers were something only professional athletes and trainers used. Now, you can find foam rollers in gyms, physical therapy offices and even living rooms (which is precisely where mine is sitting right now). Self myofascial release, more commonly referred to as foam rolling, has gained great popularity over the years, thanks in part to the popularity of higher intensity workouts and the easy accessibility of foam rollers.

Everyone from the professional athlete to the average gym-goer is using some variety of a foam roller these days in hopes of speeding up the recovery of stiff muscles or to work out the knots they may have. While it is great that the foam rolling trend is finally catching on and people are giving their muscles some love after a tough workout, it’s important to make sure it is being done right.

While it may seem simple enough- just lay on it and roll over your muscles- there are a couple very common mistakes people make when foam rolling that can actually further aggravate an injury or increase inflammation.

Here’s what you need to know. Continue Reading


7 Reasons Every Woman Should Start Lifting Weights

Before we talk, let’s get this out of the way. No. You are not going to get too “bulky” or “big” if you start lifting weights. As a matter of fact, it is physiologically quite difficult for women to make noticeable muscle gains without trying really, really hard.

It amazes me how many women are still under the impression that, if they pick up a pair of dumbbells, their arms are instantly going to explode like Popeye’s. This is one of the biggest fitness myths out there. No, lifting weights as an average female will absolutely not make you look bulky. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about why you should be lifting weights.  Continue Reading


12 Ways To Lose Weight That Don’t Involve Exercise

Diet and exercise are the key to weight loss. There’s not argument there. But why not try adding in these easy ways to burn more calories without having to break a sweat? From a good night’s sleep or having a good laugh to adding peppers to your lunch, these are 12 simple, no-sweat ways to lose weight.

1. Quality Sleep

When we deprive our body of the quality sleep it needs, our hormones are negatively impacted, leaving us with an increased appetite and a more difficult time feeling full. Cortisol is also elevated, signaling the body to store fat.

Getting enough sleep can help reduce cravings, curb your appetite and allow your body to rest and repair from the everyday wear and tear it experiences on a daily basis. Any expert will tell you, if you aren’t sleeping well, it’s nearly impossible to lose weight. Continue Reading


The #1 Fitness Trend in 2016 (And What’s Missing From The List)

Since 2006, The American College of Sports Medicine has released an annual survey of the top 20 fitness trends to look out for in the upcoming year. 2016’s survey saw some regulars drop off the list completely and some newcomers surge to the top.

The “back to basics” philosophy previously driven by the weak economy seems to be fading as more costly fitness technology is becoming a billion dollar industry.  Continue Reading


5 Tips To Transition Your Workout Indoors

As fall is in full swing and winter is just around the corner, our days of getting a decent run on the boardwalk or riding our bike along the shore are numbered. The colder it gets, the more we want to just curl up in a blanket with a warm cup of cocoa and the less we want to head outside and find the motivation to exercise. Staying active during the cooler months can be challenging, but with all the holidays ahead, it is important to stay motivated and keep on track. We don’t want to be starting all over again come January 1st, so here are 5 tips to keep you motivated and moving during the winter.  Continue Reading