5 New Healing Therapies To Try In 2016

Well, these healing modalities are actually anything but new. Some date back thousands of years, but they are just gaining popularity in western medicine much more recently. I have been lucky enough to experience each of these 5 powerful healing modalities, so here’s a breakdown of exactly why you need to experience these in 2016. 

1. Migun Massage

As you lie face up, drifting into relaxation, this thermal massage bed begins to heat up, sweeping jade stones up and down the back side of your body mimicking acupuncture, acupressure, massage, heat therapy and chiropractic all at once. And you haven’t tried this yet??

  • The use of heat encourages muscle relaxation, increases blood flow and helps release toxins from deep within muscle tissue
  • Helps improve proper alignment of the spine
  • The combination of helium gas bulbs and jade stone heads creates infrared rays that are able to stimulate acupressure points deep in the body’s tissue
  • Migun uses your own body weight to recreate hand pressure to flush out built up toxins
  • Mimicking the muscle manipulation of massage, it enhances muscle relaxation, flexibility and circulation

2. Float Tank

I am a huge fan of the float tank, also known as an isolation tank or sensory deprivation chamber. By removing nearly all external stimuli, you are able to achieve a deep state of relaxation, similar to that of meditation.

  • A large tank, or chamber, that is filled with magnesium-saturated water, making you completely buoyant with no effort
  • The goal is to remove all external stimuli, including light, sound and the feeling of gravity to allow for complete and deep relaxation otherwise unachievable by most
  • The deep state of relaxation achieved releases endorphins. The brain sends out alpha waves associated with relaxation and meditation
  • The meditative state enables the body to heal from stress (physical or emotional) and aids in pain relief
  • Used by professional athletes and the chronically sick alike for the wide range of health benefits

3. Reiki

I’ve never been good at relaxing. I never have been able to truly quiet the thoughts racing in my mind. But when I tried reiki for the first time, I finally felt what others had always talked about. That point when you are so relaxed that you aren’t quite sure if you are awake or asleep, the moment when your mind has no thoughts, no distractions, no worries. The sense of calmness and security that overcame me cannot be put into words. If you haven’t felt this, it’s time to try reiki!

  • People have credited reiki for their pain relief, mental clarity, relief from depression and anxiety, improved sleep and relaxation and overall well-being
  • It aims to treat the entire person, including body, mind, spirit and emotions
  • A non-invasive and completely safe method of spiritual healing, reiki sometimes involves no touch at all and, other times, includes gentle hands placed in specific spots along the body for certain amounts of time
  • Reiki clears and heals the energy pathways within the body. By raising the vibration level of the energy in and around the body, it causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away

4. Infrared Sauna

Much different than the average sauna at your local gym, this sauna uses infrared rays for everything from muscle recovery and caloric expenditure to heavy metal detoxification and wound healing. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Infrared light is felt as heat. An infrared sauna uses this light to heat the body from the inside, requiring a much lower temperature to achieve a detoxifying sweat than the average sauna
  • Infrared light comes in three different wavelengths, each with their own health benefits. To get the most health benefits of an infrared sauna session, you want to look for one that offers near, mid and far infrared
  • While in an infrared sauna, you are stimulating your circulatory system and increasing your blood flow. This helps to strengthen the immune system and improve cell health
  • By heating up the core temperature of your body, it’s natural response is to work to cool itself back down. This process results in a great caloric output. Thirty minutes in an infrared sauna can burn roughly 400 calories
  • From increasing your muscle recovery time to relieving chronic pain, infrared heat is able to penetrate muscle, tissue and joints, which can help to relieve pain from an acute injury or a chronic condition, like arthritis

5. Acupuncture

As you know, I am the biggest acupuncture supporter out there. I credit acupuncture for saving my life when I nearly died of liver failure just a year ago. While acupuncture does involve needles-lots of needles- it does not hurt and is actually quite relaxing.

  • Acupuncture is an ancient traditional Chinese medical practice, dating back over 2,500 years used to prevent, treat and diagnose disease as well as improve general wellness
  • By inserting needles the width of a strand of hair into very specific points, acupuncture helps to restore the balance of energy flow throughout the body
  • Upon inserting the needles into the skin, it stimulates nerve centers, almost tricking the body into transferring energy to certain areas to assist in healing
  • There are 350 different acupuncture points on the body. These meridians are used to access and rebalance the energy flows of the body
  • By inserting needles into the right points in the right combinations, it is said that the energy flow can be restored and rebalanced, achieving health


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