3 Tricks To Survive A Restaurant Without Blowing Your Diet

“Sorry guys, I can’t come out to dinner. I’m on a diet.”

So, going on a diet not only takes away the foods you love, but now the people too?! This mindset is setting you up for failure. Surely you are not going to avoid all restaurants for the rest of your life to stick to your diet. And why are you dieting anyways?

Living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle can be challenging at times, but avoiding your friends and family for fear of falling off the wagon at a restaurant is just crazy. The difference between a diet and a healthy lifestyle is knowing that there are going to be some perfect days and plenty of not so perfect days- and that’s okay!

But fear not! There are 3 simple tricks to surviving a night out without completely backtracking on your health goals. 

1.  Don’t Go Hungry

I hear people say all the time how they skipped lunch because they were so excited to go to their favorite restaurant and they wanted to “save their appetite”. Don’t do it! The worst thing you can do is go to a restaurant hungry.

By the time you drive there, get settled, catch up with your company and place your order, you are going to be starving. All of a sudden, that bread basket becomes your only savior to keep you from nibbling the arm of the person next to you. Bad idea.

Be sure to have a light snack just before heading out for dinner. This will keep you from over-ordering and from binging on bread while you’re waiting. A big glass of water just before arriving will also help avoid overeating and will aid in digestion of the upcoming meal.

2.  The 2/4 Rule

This isn’t your last day on Earth and probably not even the last time you’ll be in this restaurant. You don’t have to try everything they have to offer in this one meal. Stick to the 2/4 rule.

  1. Bread
  2. Appetizer
  3. Wine/Alcohol
  4. Dessert

Along with your entree (ideally a leaner cut of meat or fish with some veggies), choose 2 of the 4 above options to indulge in. Remember, it’s okay to indulge yourself every now and then. It’s never a good idea to overindulge. This way, you get to treat yourself without going so far overboard that you wake up the next day feeling like you’ve completely fallen off the wagon and you might as well give up on your diet.

3.  Water, Water, and a Little More Water!

Like I said, a big glass of water just before dinner is a great idea, but be sure to continue drinking water during dinner and before bed. This is especially true if you are drinking alcohol. You don’t want to wake up feeling bloated or dehydrated or- worse- hungover because you didn’t drink enough water.


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