The Top 20 Healthy Kitchen Hacks

A healthy kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take hours to create. Keep it simple! Here are 20 of the best time and money-saving hacks to create the ultimate healthy kitchen.

1. Good ‘Til the Last Drop

That jar of almond butter almost empty? Don’t let those delicious little bits stuck to the sides and hidden in all the nooks go to waste! Make your morning oatmeal in the jar. The warmth will melt the remaining almond butter, creating a warm and creamy (and resourceful!) breakfast. Continue Reading


The 2015 Dietary Guideline Changes: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Every 5 years, the federal government releases updates to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This impacts everything from how school lunches are prepared to how our public health campaigns across the nation are shaped. Well, this year’s guidelines saw some pretty big changes. With revisions like no longer calling cholesterol a nutrient of concern to stating that sugar is the new public enemy #1, it seems the government is finally catching up with science.   Continue Reading


Bone Broth: Healthy or Just Hype?

Bone broth was one of the “it” foods in 2015. Instead of coffee, cups of piping hot bone broth found their way on to the menus of every paleo-friendly restaurant. Bone broth was seemingly sold at every health food store and wellness storefront that I walked into- and for quite a steep price I might add!

But what is all the hype? What is the real benefit of drinking broth? Is it worth all that money? Here’s everything you need to know about the healing benefits of bone broth and how to make it at home for way less!  Continue Reading


Is Eating Organic Really Worth It?

When shopping on a budget, we sometimes can’t buy everything organic- and that’s okay! Below is a list of the “dirty dozen” and the “clean fifteen”.

The dirty dozen are the produce options that contain the highest amounts of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. You always want to go organic if purchasing any of these.

The clean fifteen are the foods with the least amount of pesticides and toxins. Typically, if it has a tougher, thicker skin that you are not eating, you can opt not to go organic if budgeting.  Continue Reading


Surviving The Holidays Without The Weight Gain

The holiday season is filled with cakes and pies and feasts and drinks. The classic comfort foods and treats associated with happy childhood memories are at every corner. To say it is difficult to stay on track with your diet and exercise this time of year is an understatement. Here are some easy tips to keep you from overindulging this holiday season.  Continue Reading


How To Avoid Overeating Halloween Candy This Year

Halloween is one of the ultimate tests of strength when it comes to our will power over food. It’s one thing to avoid eating sweets when you are able to keep them out of your house, but now you are forced to stock a variety of chocolatey yumminess right there in your cabinets. How is a girl to resist??

No one wants to be that house. The one handing out the apples or the fruit snacks. That is a sure-fire way to get your home at the top of the “T.P.” list next year.

So, what can you do to avoid overindulging in the bags of candy just sitting there begging to be opened? Here are 5 easy tips to keep you and your kids from overeating candy this Halloween.  Continue Reading


3 Easy Steps To Cure A Sugar Hangover

Have you every had a sugar hangover? No, you don’t need to run out and get a greasy breakfast sandwich and home fries to cure it. But there are steps you can take to rid yourself of a sugar hangover.

It Happens To The Best Of Us

Had too much sugar today? Did that one tiny little taste turn into an all-out assault on your sweets stash in the back of the cabinet? On a regular basis, this can lead to very serious health risks. On this one occasion, it can lead to a less serious, yet very unpleasant, “sugar hangover”. Continue Reading


What Type of Protein Powder Should You Be Using?

When you walk into the health food store, you are bombarded by countless brands and flavors and types of protein powder options. Which one do you choose? The giant canister with the jacked guy on the label? The one on sale? The one the kid working there recommends? The highest protein content? Aaahhh! Let me help you find the right protein for you. Continue Reading


How To Choose The Right Multivitamin For Your Kids

Your kids are growing faster than you can keep up with it feels sometimes. They are maturing and developing both physically and mentally right before your eyes. This is why it is so critical they receive the right amount of all the nutrients their developing bodies need to achieve their full potential.

Eating a diet rich in organic, colorful, nutrient dense whole foods is the best way to achieve this. That is, however, easier said than done. Kids are picky eaters! They just don’t seem to care that kale is chalk-full of phytonutrients or that salmon is rich in brain-boosting DHA. So, what’s a parent to do?  Continue Reading


7 Secrets You Need To Know To Get Your Kids Eating Healthy

I remember my elementary school cafeteria days like it was yesterday. Every year I’d get to pick out a new, super cool lunch box and my mom would pack me some type of sandwich and a couple snacks to go along with it. That was great and all, but what was even better was when you’d convince your cafeteria buddy to swap out your less than appealing snacks (how did those carrot sticks get in here?!) for their pudding or graham crackers. 

Getting kids to eat healthy is hard! You can’t just try to reason with them or explain the nutritional benefits of broccoli and kale. With these 7 tricks, you can go into this school year armed with the secrets you need to get your kids eating healthy- without the tantrums! Continue Reading