3 Tricks To Survive A Restaurant Without Blowing Your Diet

“Sorry guys, I can’t come out to dinner. I’m on a diet.”

So, going on a diet not only takes away the foods you love, but now the people too?! This mindset is setting you up for failure. Surely you are not going to avoid all restaurants for the rest of your life to stick to your diet. And why are you dieting anyways?

Living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle can be challenging at times, but avoiding your friends and family for fear of falling off the wagon at a restaurant is just crazy. The difference between a diet and a healthy lifestyle is knowing that there are going to be some perfect days and plenty of not so perfect days- and that’s okay!

But fear not! There are 3 simple tricks to surviving a night out without completely backtracking on your health goals.  Continue Reading

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Post-Workout Meals: Truth or Just Hype?

“What should I eat after I workout? Do I really need a post-workout meal? How soon should I eat it after training?”

These questions come up all the time. Depending on the frequency, intensity and duration of your training sessions, the answers will be unique to you. The person working out at a moderate intensity 3 days a week and the person hitting the gym 5 or more days a week, sometimes twice in a day, are going to have different requirements.

The goal of a post-workout meal is to reduce the amount of muscle protein damaged afterwards and to replenish glycogen stores, aiding in a faster recovery before the next workout. In general, the more frequently and intensely you are training, the more important a post-workout meal becomes.   Continue Reading


Carbohydrates: The Great Debate

“Good” carbs, “bad” carbs, “kinda okay, but only at certain times” carbs- what the what?!

So, what’s the deal with carbs? One person tells you to avoid them at all cost and they are terrible for you. Another tells you to eat them for energy. And yet another will say, “Well, some carbs are bad, but certain other ones are good”. Okay, because none of that’s confusing, right?

To say we are being sent mixed messages about carbohydrates is an understatement to say the least. So, let’s get this cleared up once and for all.  Continue Reading


Gluten-Free People Are Annoying!

Gluten-free people are annoying! Those yoga loving, green juice drinking hipsters turn their nose in judgement as you foolishly eat your “poisonous” bread and your “toxic” cookies. Leave me alone you gluten-free hippie!

Okay, I’m just kidding. I’m gluten-free and (I like to think) I’m not annoying. Here are the top 6 gluten-free stereotypes I encounter all the time and why they aren’t true.  Continue Reading


Are You Drinking Enough Water?

The answer is probably no. We live in a chronically dehydrated nation. Inadequate hydration can lead to anything from headaches and fatigue to chronic constipation and kidney failure.

Your body is 2/3 water. Every single cell in your body is made up of water. It’s pretty important stuff, people! Eating a typical American diet, you are constantly introducing toxins into that water. It is crucial that we are constantly hydrating to continually flush out these toxins and keep everything moving.

If you don’t hydrate properly (half your body weight in ounces daily), then these toxins will linger, wreaking havoc on your body. As Dr. Earl Mindell, professor of nutrition and master herbologist explains it, “If you don’t constantly flush toxins from the water that makes up  much of your body, they build up and can cause chronic disease”.

Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day.

Properly hydrating will also help your skin to glow, help regulate your bowel movements, and aid in controlling your weight. Continue Reading


Top 10 Tips For Eating (And Staying Sane) While Traveling

Sometimes it’s for work. Sometimes it’s for play. Either way, traveling can take a real toll on our bodies. It is hectic, stressful and often unpredictable. Don’t let yourself be at the mercy of the airport or the rest stop when it comes to your food and drink. Here are my top ten tips to keep you healthy- and sane- while you are traveling.

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Foods That Cleanse Your Liver Naturally

Weighing in at around 2-3 lbs, the liver is the body’s second largest organ. Often referred to as our main filtration system, it is responsible for many essential functions in the body.


Perhaps its most well known attribute is the liver’s function as our filtration, or detoxification, system. Not only can the liver clear the blood of drugs and other harmful substances, it also removes harmful bacteria from the blood, helping to avoid frequent infections in the body.


The liver excretes something called bile, which helps to break down fats during digestion, allowing for better absorption in the body.


The liver stores and releases glucose to maintain blood sugar balance. It also is where iron is stored.

The liver is our main filtration system, removing harmful bacteria, toxins and drugs from our bloodstream.

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The Perfect Pasta Replacement in One Easy Step

Whether you are die hard Paleo or someone just looking to cut back on your carb consumption, this is the number one mistake I see being made time and time again. I have seen hundreds (literally!) of pictures of people making this same mistake. Don’t worry, I’ve cleared out my inbox to make room for all the thank you emails that are about to come my way!

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5 Minute Daily Detox

How To Detox Your Body in 5 Minutes

We often associate cleansing with the change of the seasons. Every few months or so we’ll do a one or two week cleanse (or even a 30 day if we’re feeling extra toxic!). This is an amazing thing to do for our bodies. It is a great way to get rid of all that unavoidable toxic junk that we breathe, drink and eat.

But what if you could be more proactive in ridding yourself of these toxins? And what if I told you it would only take FIVE MINUTES? Not five days. Not two weeks. Not a whole month. Interested?

Every single day, I take 5 minutes of my morning to detoxify my entire body. It’s something so simple that doesn’t take up too much time and anyone can do. It’s a great way to keep your body functioning in tip top shape every day in between those oh-so-exciting seasonal cleanses that we love doing so much.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Eat This Fat to Lose Belly Fat

Eat This Fat To Lose Belly Fat- And More!

Coconut oil, once demonized for its saturated fat content, has finally begun to make a resurgence in the American diet. With nearly 90% of the fatty acids in coconut oil being saturated, there are still many that would shy away from this now coined ‘superfood’. But, newer research is showing the endless health benefits to be had from consuming coconut oil on a regular basis and that it will not cause heart disease as once thought.

Allow me to re-introduce you to coconut oil!

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