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Pet Health 101: Health Starts In The Home

We are constantly being reminded how toxic the world we live in is these days. With daily exposure to chemicals and toxins in everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat, it got me thinking- what about my pets? They are breathing the same air, drinking the same water and eating a similarly over-processed diet that most of us are. We are told the countless ways to combat these toxins and keep our immune systems working at their best- but what about our pets?

Our pets’ immune systems are being bombarded by the endless exposures to toxins, just like us humans. It is important to keep their immune system functioning at its best to avoid disease and illness. Here are some simple tips you can do at home to keep your pets’ immune systems strong.

Stress Reduction
Okay, so your dog or cat may not come to your next yoga class, but there are ways to reduce your pet’s stress load. Massage, homeopathy, acupuncture-Reduce Stress For Your Pets these all may sound like ways to care for yourself, but these holistic modalities are growing in popularity for pets too. Finding natural ways to keep stress to a minimum in your pets’ lives can greatly reduce their risk of disease.

Chemical Exposures
Your pets spend most of their time in and around your home, so it’s important to think about the chemicals you are using around the house. I bet you’ve seen your pet lick his paws before. What chemicals were on those paws? Do you use toxic floor cleaners or pesticides on the grass that your pet walks through?

While it is very important to keep your pet hydrated, it’s equally as important (if not more) to consider the type of water they are drinking. Do you fill their bowl with tap water? Would you drink that tap water? Unpurified water from the tap can contain a wide variety of chemicals and toxins.

Have you read the ingredient list on your pet’s food lately? It’s important to make sure you know exactly what your pet is eating. There are endless brands of food to choose from- and most of them are filled with preservatives, toxins and fillers that do your pet no good- and, potentially, are doing them harm.


Just like we humans need some support from supplements to combat the every-growing list of chemicals and toxins we are being exposed to daily, so do our pets. Consider antioxidants and other supplements that can boost their immune system and reduce chronic inflammation.

Do your homework when it comes to your pet’s vaccines. Often times, people may find they are over-vaccinating their pet or giving them vaccines that they don’t actually need due to their specific circumstances. Also, NEVER vaccinate your pets when they are sick!Pet Health Starts At Home

Our pets are a part of our family and we should treat them that way. Making all of these changes to reduce chemical exposure, to reduce chronic inflammation and to reduce environmental stress are things that will equally benefit your pet and your entire family. Eating quality food, drinking pure water and breathing the cleanest air we can provide are simple ways to greatly reduce your pet’s risk of disease and illness.

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