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Pet Safety Tips For Summer

 When summer finally rolls around, our pets seem to be just as excited as we are to get outside, feel the sunshine and work out some of that excess energy left over from winter. Here are 5 simple tips to keep your dog safe and happy during the warmer summer months.

1. Watch Your Step

sunAvoid walking on hot surfaces whenever possible, especially black asphalt. The ground gets incredibly hot during the day and your dog’s pads are extremely sensitive. I usually like to walk my dog barefoot so I can get a feel for the ground we are walking on. If that’s not your thing, a good rule of thumb is to avoid walks in the middle of the day and, if it’s over 85 degrees, you’re better off staying in or just keeping your walk to a minimum until it cools down.

2. Keep Them Hydrated

Always have plenty of fresh, clean water for your pet to drink. If you are going on a trip, be sure to bring a bottle and something for them to drink out of along with you. I always have a bowl stowed away in my trunk so my dog is sure to never go thirsty on those hot summer days.

3. Avoid Overexertion

Dogs often don’t know their own limits. They will just keep running after that tennis ball or following along on your stroll, even if they are starting to overheat. Be aware of how much running and exercise your dog is getting on hot days and encourage them to either rest, drink water or take a dip in some cool water.

4. Wet Their Feet

Dogs cool themselves two ways- through panting and the sweat glands in their paws. On more humid days, it can become increasingly difficult for them to find relief through panting, so it’s wise to wet their feet or let them stand in a kiddie pool or even the ocean to cool down.

5. Car Safety

NEVER leave your dog inside your car in the summer, even with the windows open. When it is just 70° outside, after 30 minutes, a car will reach 104°. Within the hour, it can soar all the way up to 113°. Please never, ever leave your pet inside your car unattended in the warmer months!
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