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Control Fleas Naturally (The Why & The How)

Spring is almost here, folks! The air is starting to warm, the birds are beginning to chirp and the days are getting longer. While making it through the winter is something worth celebrating, the warmer weather brings about it’s own challenges. One of them being the return of fleas for your dog or cat.

Controlling fleas is important for your pet’s health. If you have dogs or cats, then you know how challenging this can be. But turning to potentially poisonous collars or drops is not the answer. There are simple, natural remedies that can help keep fleas at bay without compromising your pet’s health.

What Are Fleas?

Aside from just being totally annoying, fleas are considered external parasites that survive by consuming the blood of mammals and birds. They thrive in warm, humid environments, above 65°. If you live in a warmer area, controlling fleas can become a year-round challenge.

Some dogs can develop flea allergies, called flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). One of my pups is allergic to fleas and, when we first got him, he would literally chew his skin raw before we got the fleas under control. Another risk associated with fleas is if your pet eats one that contains tapeworm eggs, your pet can get infected by tapeworms.

Flea Control Options

Your typical flea control remedy is going to be either a flea collar or some type of oral or topical flea control your vet will give you. Have you ever read the labels on those products, though? “Do not allow children to play with collar.” “Causes eye irritation.” “Harmful if swallowed.” “Avoid contact with skin.”

Most of these flea remedies actually contain nerve poisons. If these products are so dangerous and toxic to humans, I can’t possibly feel good about slathering them on my pet. Can you?

Dogs with strong immune systems are less likely to be bothered by fleas.

Control Fleas Naturally

There are different herbs and oils you can use to keep fleas at bay, creating safe flea collars, rinses or powders. It is also important to keep your dog’s immune system strong. Dogs with a stronger immune system are actually less likely to be bothered by fleas.

My go-to flea repellent is super simple. I just get all natural baby wipes and a botanical flea repellant my vet carries and make my own wipes. Here’s how:

Make Your Own Flea Repellant

What You Need
  • Non-toxic (or homemade) baby wipes, 32ct.
  • Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker! botanical flea repellant
How To Use

1. Gently shake bottle of flea repellant. Open baby wipes and pour HALF the flea repellant into the wipes.

2. Shake container to disperse liquid and allow to soak at least 6 hours before use.

3. Use a single wipe to gently wipe the body, head and legs of your dog, avoiding their pads and face. Immediately take your dog outside for a walk to “air out”.

4. Repeat just before a walk once every week during flea season.


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